bar cart inspiration.

just sharing my latest obsession with y'all today.

i don't really know why all of a sudden i wanted to create my own bar cart, but i do. maybe it's because i'm 21 now or because my roomie just graduated and took hers with her. but all i know is that there is a bid empty spot in my living room that is screaming to be filled with something pretty.

i've pulled some of my recent pins for inspiration, and made a little collage of wishlist items that i think i want to use to style my own bar cart.

however, please note that these items are pretty inspirational and i'll probably end up buying cheaper options off amazon. LOL ya girl is still ballin' on a budget here.

wishlist links:


today's look..retro flare.

is anyone else obsessed with the flare trend that's back or is it just me?
i searched and searched for what i deemed the "right" pair, and trust me I FOUND THEM. thanks to a little instagram creeping and page stalking, measuring myself and re-measuring (just in case), getting them in once, finding out i ordered the wrong size, sending them back and getting the right ones....i finally got my pants!
(link below!)

seriously though, how cute are these?! i call these my star pants for obvious reasons, and never fail to point out the fact that i have a star on my butt. lol
also, i've been wearing this top nonstop recently. it's so comfy and this okstate gal can't ever say no to some orange.

top: H&M (similar) / jeans: Revice Denim / bag: Michael Kors (newer style)
booties: American Eagle (similar & ON SALE!sunnies: Rayban / earrings: Kendra Scott


los angeles weekend trip.

as many of you may know, especially if you follow me on insta or snapchat (@emmarie96), i took a quick weekend trip to los angeles this past weekend!

my dad and i flew out from dallas bright and early friday morning on a 6am flight y'all...never again. this was such an amazing experience! not only because had i never been to LA before, but because i got to meet my future #GIRLBOSS and amazing host family.
so now to catch you up if you're still behind...I'M INTERNING IN LA,Y'ALL!
i've been so blessed to have accepted an internship with fashion blog Madly Mignon and creative content company, KatiKat Creative. and even better, some amazing, loving family friends have opened their home to me for the summer! all my facebook friends would know how much my mom and i were freaking out about trying to find me a reasonable, safe place to stay, and we definitely did.

anyway, here's a little photo diary of my weekend. LA is so photogenic, so be expecting lots of pictures throughout the summer!

lot's of fun to come!


today's look..date night + meet my boy!

girlfriend, you're gonna have to share this post with the fellas today.
but still be super excited about this post because it is just as much for you as it is for them.

i've had several men ask me if i'd ever do a menswear post. to which i usually answered something about how i have a mostly female audience and that i don't have a guy to dress up. well, come to find out i have more guy readers than i thought (sup dudes?), and now i have quite the handsome fella to play dress up with!! so i figured that this would be the perfect time to formally introduce you to the infamous "boyfriend" i constantly talk about, hang around, and drag with me everywhere.

everyone meet bud!
( yes, bud is his real name. not a nickname. and i love it. )
we'll leave the last name out of it for personal privacy, so feel free to refer to him as bud, B, "your boyfriend," or even "your dude" would suffice. but leave the babe, beebus, and mister to me. ;)
if you didn't know, we've been dating for 5 months now (holy cow has the time flown by!), but we've actually known each other since college freshman orientation. ya girl has been crushin' for along time. i mean, look at him! seriously the most handsome man.
okay, enough of him, because i could literally talk about him/us for hours, let's get onto the real purpose of this post: DATE NIGHT!

[ okay, funny story real quick. so we borrowed these outfits, right? well, B loved his suit so much that he went to EveryMan and bought it about a week after. and then a few days ago we were talking about how i also loved my Jo & Co dress, but i probably wouldn't ever go buy it because i have no occasion to wear it for. get this. this fantastic man of mine went and bought it to surprise me for no reason!!! ugh, i knew i loved him. ]

the Atherton Hotel, our shoot location, makes for a great date night place. (they just finished a huge remodel last year; isn't it gorgeous?!) grab a couple drinks at the bar, have a 5 star meal at Rancher's Club and a walk around theta pond to end it all. so perfect!
but let's get real, we're college kids, so a $50 meal isn't always an option.
honestly, we love going to local restaurants, a nice sushi place, Chili's (our favorite fallback restaurant for any time lol), or even cooking together at home. :)
we got to partner with two local stillwater stores, Jo & Co and EveryMan, to share these looks with y'all! i adore Jo & Co just as much as B loves EveryMan. y'all he's in there at least once a week, i swear. but so am i because this local haberdashery not only has apparel and a barbershop but also a coffee bar!
a win win for the gal that loves to shop with her man! *this gal*

this everleigh dress from Jo & Co fits like a dream, has pockets and is made of the prettiest cream tweed. even though it's a tent dress, i love that it's still fitted up top, and you can't miss the gorgeous beading around the neckline.
i paired it with my strappy, nude block heels to keep the look neutral. threw on a few simple pieces of jewelry, added my current go to rebecca minkoff bag and called it good.

- shop Jo & Co on their facebook, instagram & in store of course! -

for B, he's wearing a giorgio fiorelli suit from EveryMan. i love that it's navy. it keeps it more casual than a standard black suit. i mean it's just date night...not a black tie event. let me just tell you that it was his idea to mix the pinstripe button down with the polka dot tie (both nick graham).
so proud of him! get you a man with a sense of style, ladies.
"'cause every girl's crazy bout a sharp dressed man." amiright? ;)

- shop EveryMan online and in store (especially if you're in the market for a suit) -

[ and bud ]

HUGE shoutout to Jo & Co. and EveryMan for working with Love Emmarie on this post. Several garments in this post were provided by the retailers, but all reviews/opinions are our own. Y'all know I'd never share something I didn't love. Shop local, y'all. 


sweet & healthy popcorn balls with SkinnyPop!

alright y'all, this is a first for me.
i don't usually share recipes or food related posts, because quite honestly i don't cook too much (unless it's prep food), and when i do it's just basic dishes that everyone knows about. until now!

today, i'm partnering with SkinnyPop, which i LOVE by the way (white cheddar please!), to share this fun take on classic popcorn balls.
i love popcorn balls, but honestly they are a little too sweet for me to be able to eat a whole one and they definitely are not ever a healthy snack option.

well if you're in a similar situation, i have a great, healthy option for you to try out!!
i found this recipe from Gimme Some Oven as inspiration, but then of course jazzed it up a little bit with some fruit, nuts and chocolate! i tried to keep this a relatively healthy snack so that you wouldn't feel too guilty eating a lot of it. i find that by using honey instead of marshmallow cream it's not too sickeningly sweet. so if you do eat too much, it's understandable. ;)
for mine i used plain SkinnyPop and my favorite chocolate chunk trail mix from sprouts. but feel free to add whatever you like! you can really do so much with this recipe!

[ CAUTION: if you have nut allergies, you may need to alter the recipe. ]

** scroll to the bottom of this post for a savable recipe image! **