today's look..black + blue.

lace velvet bodysuit with flare jeans and crossbody

anyone remember that one time that you had a paper to write but you had no idea how to start it, so you sat there and stared at the computer?
me. currently. trying to write this blog post.

i told bud i was having trouble coming up with a topic of today's post, and he said to write about how awesome my boyfriend is. and i know he's just trying to be funny, but honestly he deserves some major credit.

so today, i'm gonna take a little bit of your time to brag on my absolutely amazing boyfriend. if anyone hates long distance, it's me. my second strongest love language(s) are physical touch and quality time (right behind words of affirmation), so basically i just want to always hold his hand and never leave his side. LOL but this man has been SO SUPPORTIVE & SO LOVING even from 1500 miles away. i don't think he was too excited about me leaving him all summer, but still he's shown nothing but support & encouragement throughout these past six weeks. he's definitely the emotionally strong one in this relationship.
homesickness is really starting to set in at this point, and some days are WAYYY harder than others. he never fails to cheer me up on the down days & cheer me on on the up days.
even something as simple as the "good morning, babe 😘" text i get from him every morning or the random facetime calls i get on my way home from work just make my whole day. it's the words of affirmation thing i'm tellin' ya. you can only imagine how ooey-gooey our conversations get sometimes. it's the little things that he does that make me realize how special he is to me.
one of those little things that i've been the most impressed by with him is how he always asks me what i did that day, and then proceeds to listen to (or "listen to") every little detail, rabbit trail tangent, or rant that i tell him. & you know what, most of the time he seems somewhat interested!
so babe, if you're reading this just know i appreciate you "listening." xoxo

i'm going to stop there for today. i could talk your ear off about how amazing this man is, but i'll spare you. ;)

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okay, let me talk real quick about what you actually care about..the clothes!
y'all have seen all of these pieces before, but this outfit is basically a compilation of all my favorites. 
birthday bodysuit. *check* high rise flare jeans. *check* best black crossbody. *check*
you can bet i'll be wearing this look out sometime soon! #OOTN
& as per usual, everything is linked down at the bottom.
full body shot bodysuit and flare jeans
close up shot lace detail top beachy wave hair western belt
outfit details close up velvet lacy bodysuit vintage flare jeans
black velvet bodysuit high waisted flare jeans western belt
topshop lace tank western belt high rise jeans crossbody
topshop lace tank western belt high rise jeans crossbody
[ photos by the fabulous kait ]

bodysuit: topshop (similar from topshop) / jeans: revice denim
booties: forever21 (extremely similar/budget find) / belt: vince camuto / bag: rebecca minkoff
scarf: madewell


how to: that no-makeup makeup look.

how in the world is it already the weekend? i swear it does not feel like i've already been out here in LA for a month! everyone warned me it was going to fly by, but i didn't think anything of it. i'm just trying to soak it all in a much as i can before it's over.

with that being said, i have been trying to not take as long in the morning to get ready. why waste an hour and a half or more doing your hair & makeup when you can be out and about?! so i have been loving that no-makeup makeup look for days that i just want to get out the door. it's fast (15 minutes or less fast!) and leaves you with a youthful, glowing look that i know we all want.
i mean who doesn't want to look good "without" makeup?

and i'm pretty sure the greatest thing about this look is that you already have everything you need. so no shopping trips necessary..but i will link all my products down below because i love them all so much. :)