denim days.

i've been obsessed..i repeat OBSESSED, with my denim jacket recently. i gravitate toward it every morning, but then have to remind myself, "no emily you wore that yesterday...and the day before."
sometimes i don't even want to actually wear it, but just want to tie it around my waist. yes, i know i'm crazy.

i don't even remember where i got mine. honestly, it was probably a hand me down.
vintage, worn in, and well loved denim is your best bet when looking for a piece like this. now if you have a slight fear of wearing someone else's clothing, of course you can go to a store and find one that has been distressed to give it that "worn-in" look. so for you, girlfriend, i've found four great jackets that have that vintage vibe that won't break the bank too bad. ;)

you can get all the details on the look below here!
i'm sad it's getting too cold to re-wear this one.. :(
* clockwise from top left *
american eagle, h&m, levi's, topshop

please tell me i'm not the only 90's reliving, jean jacket obsessed girl out there.

xoxo, emily

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